Class Descriptions

Intro to Yoga: This series is designed with the absolute beginner in mind! We will briefly touch on all aspects of yoga: correct body alignment in the most common yoga poses, basic mindful breathing and we will touch on some philosophy (the easy light stuff, nothing too hard core!)

Beginner/Gentle – This class will set the tone for a peaceful exploration of our body/mind experience using yoga to gently encourage greater health in the body. Simple poses that both tone, soften and create more fluidity in the body will be explored in conjunction with balance practice and gentle core strengthening. This class is appropriate for those seeking a gentle yoga class as well as those new to yoga.

Restorative/Gentle – This class is for those who wish to have a slower yoga practice. In this class, basic breath work (or pranayama) is taught, poses (asana) are held a little longer, props are used to ensure students are as comfortable as they can be and movements are mindful. Skillfull hands on assists may accompany this practice. This class is wonderful for students who are new to yoga, honoring an injury or simply want a gentler style practice. All levels are welcome to attend.

Kudalini: Our Kundalini class uses pranayama (breathwork), yoga asana’s (postures), chanting mantra, and meditation to awaken and enliven the body and mind. Asana’s are very dynamic, and easily accessible. Repetitious movement warms and loosens the body, allowing an invigorating free flow of energy to course through the subtle body.

Yoga for Men: Yoga for Men uses asana (postures) and other martial exercises to balance excess or depleted energy levels. It follows up with a period of relaxation, releasing any stress and tension that may have built up over time.

Yin Yoga Class – A Yin yoga practice facilitates the exploration of our bodies from the inside out.  A yin practice creates more space in our joints and their connective tissues.   Yin poses are held passively, in contrast to a traditional ‘yang’ asana practice in which our muscles engage as we move into, stay in, and then move out of poses.  From an energetic perspective, a yin practice opens up our body’s meridian channels through the longer holds,  allowing our bodies’ natural energy flow to increase.

Level 1 Vinyasa – In this class, breath work (pranayama) is combined with meditation and movement to create a complete yoga experience. Standing, balancing and seated poses are artfully sequenced together so the student has the opportunity to notice the connection between breath and body. Proper alignment is discussed; variations and modifications are taught and encouraged. Skillfull hands on assists may accompany this class. All levels are welcome.

Mixed Level Asana – A deep exploration of poses with a focus on alignment, core strength, breath and balance. This is a deeply tonifying practice, holding poses for a little longer and taking our time transitioning between poses.

Mixed Level Vinyasa – This class is designed for the student who wishes to bring a more movement into their practice. Breath work (pranayama) and poses (asana) are combined so that the student has the opportunity to listen and honor the body just as it is in the moment. Less emphasis is put on alignment and attention is drawn to the physical, emotional and spiritual practice. All levels are welcome to attend; modifications and variations are always encouraged.

Flow & Glow – This vinyasa based class linking breath with strong & flowing movements. Class will build fitness & flexibility, reduce stress, and increase mental focus. All levels welcome, variations will be demonstrated throughout. Beginner students will flow gently into modified postures, as the seasoned students may choose a more advanced option, class-goers will meet their body where it is at, free of judgment & full of acceptance.

Qi Yoga – A merging of the ideas of qi gong and yoga, this meditative and strengthening class is all about linking breath to movement, toning the body, and opening the channels of energy within the body and between heaven and earth. Through a repeated series of 8 sequences we will build grace, balance and connect body, breath and mind. No mats, no floor poses, no downward dog. This class is open to everyone.

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